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This is a Club dedicated to 'Honey the Cat', a character who never made the final cut in 'Sonic the Fighters.'
*Edit* But now... SHE HAS!

I am the owner, fear my power!

Ok here are the results of the contest, sorry it took so long to pump it through but we got there in the end X3 Thank-you to everyone that entered you're all true Yellow Honeyfans, to thoses of you that scored 1st 2nd and 3rd your prizes will be along to you very soon. If you wish to drop me a note straight away for reference for your giftart prize then send your character reference to me, :icontrakker:

3rd prize - CE: Honey VS. Sonic! by SonicLuver1 by :iconsonicluver1:

Got some very nice fight energy here leaping swings and a fast dodge, good job X3

You get 1000 Deviant art points, and a sketch from me.

2nd prize - An EXPLOSIVE Victory by lefthandedheather by :iconlefthandedheather:

Poor old metal sonic never stood a chance againsed that Cat-fu! really nice perspective and lighting X3

You get 2000 Deviant art points, and a sketch from me.

1st prize - Honey V.S. Blaze: K.O.?? by chaosemmy by :iconchaosemmy:

I don't know how the fight played out that left Honey standing victorious and Blaze up to neck in sand, but a very light hearted and funny victory between felines X3

You get 3000 Deviant art points, and a free Sonic Riders Style Commission from me.

No current Events

This is where a cool random Honey the Cat picture gets some extra limelight for a while =^w^=

.:Honey The Cat:. by Uncanny-Illustrator


Thanks for visiting the Honey the Cat Club, hope to see you again X3

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Honey the Cat Club

Rules and Regulations

Please read these rules before
joining or submitting!

:megaphone: Rules and Regulations :megaphone:

Getting started: See how to contribute artwork to a group.

:note: General Rules :note:
:bulletblack: No flaming of the group/Members, it will result in your ban.
:bulletblack: We do NOT accept traced artwork.
:bulletblack: We do NOT accept doll-maker made pictures.
:bulletblack: We do NOT accept referenced-to-every-line artwork/copied art.
:bulletblack: Please do not submit official artwork, DA won't allow it anyways. If you do, it will be declined by our admins anyways.
:bulletblack: If you suggest a favorite, it must be from a deviant that does not belong to the group. Suggesting your own work as a favorite will result the work being denied. Submit your art in the gallery.
:bulletblack: Most importantly, have fun!

:gallery: Submitting Art :gallery:

:bulletblack: Must be submitted to the appropriate folder (otherwise it will be denied).
:bulletblack: Must not contain any profanity.
:bulletblack: Must not be too overly violent/bloody.
:bulletblack: Cannot contain copyrighted material used without permission (Such as official Artwork). Stock photos, textures, PS brushes, etc are fine to use.
:bulletblack: Must not contain anything that different "Sonic Universe" fans would find offensive. (Ex, Anti-Sally fans, etc).
:bulletblack: No Hentai/Yaoi/Yuri. We do, however, accept any coupling, gay or straight.
:bulletblack: Please only submit two (2) deviations per week.

:deviation: Submitting to the Right Folder :deviation:
Hint: Click on the bold text to go to the folder.
:bulletblack: Classic Honey is for pictures of JUST Honey the Cat, in her classic Sonic Fighters outfit.
:bulletblack: Redressed Honey is the folder for pictures of JUST Honey in fan-made outfits, cosplay, seasonal wear, etc. The ‘revamped’ version of Honey’s outfit by Trakker can be found here!.
:bulletblack: Honey and Friends is the folder for pictures of Honey with other characters to go in. Honey can be with an official character, fan character, or any other person you can think of!
:bulletblack: Stamps + Icons + Sprites + Animations is self explanatory. Any stamps, icons, sprites, or animations including Honey can be submitted in here!
:bulletblack: Comics, Animations and Fan Fictions is pretty self explanatory.
:bulletblack: Sketches + Doodles is where any sketches, doodles, line art, or general unfinished artwork of Honey goes

:+devwatch: Membership :+devwatch:

:bulletblack: Membership is opened, everyone is allowed to join!
:bulletblack: Please do not ask to join in the admin team, however. We do not need more administrators at this time.

:police: Reasons Your Artwork May Have Been Denied :police:

:bulletblack: You have submitted more than 2 a week, please wait until the following week to submit 4 more.
:bulletblack: You submitted your piece to the wrong folder. please refer to the above folder rules to help you.
:bulletblack: It was a recolored, stolen, or traced piece of artwork.

:helpdesk: Questions? :helpdesk:

:bulletblack: Contact the group via Note or leave a comment and we will try to resolve the issue or determine what may have gone wrong.


Gallery Folders

Honey Storys


To affiliate with us, go to your group's page,
and press the affiliate button at the top!

What we will affiliate with:
- Sonic-related groups.

What we will NOT affiliate with:
- Hate/Anti-Groups.
- Anything non-Sonic related
- Groups with no 100x50px avatars
- Inactive groups/groups that have less than 30 members


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DarkenedFantasies Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still alive? :(
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4xEyes1987 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Professional Artist
To give others more time to spend during this Christmas, I will hold off on submitting works to groups until December 25th!…
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may I join please?:3
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Honey the catis now my top favorite sonic character!
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Yukuii Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks for adding my work
ShadzeTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
I so wanted to play as Honey on STF on my PS2, only to find out that is the only console game that you can't even hack your way to use Honey! *facepalm*
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BinaryHedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, how long does it usually take for a deviation to be approved?
LouisTheFox Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there I am new to this group, I just want to introduce myself, If you want to know more about me please check my profile. Thanks. 
Mamamean Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hey guys, i was wondering if you'd be so EPIC as to take a look at my story i wrote about Honey the cat. I'm in the making of another one too. Thanks!



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